Amazon AWS EC2: Basics||Hindi|Urdu||

Amazon AWS EC2
Amazon AWS EC2

A Best beginner course for web developers. Learn to launch app in Amazon Web Services in EC2.

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This course explore the basics of Amazons AWS EC2, to give you the idea if Amazon AWS EC2 is for you. In this course, we will do some basics hands on project walk through Amazon AWS EC2 features. We will also explore some options on intermediate level.The major concepts that you will learn are as follows.

  • Lecture 1:What is CLoud.
  • Lecture 2:Why AWS
  • Lecture 3:How to Create AWS Account
  • Lecture 4:AWS Dashboard and Interface
  • Lecture 5:Launching AWS EC2 Instance
  • Lecture 6:EC2 Instance Intro
  • Lecture 7:Connecting EC2 using SSH
  • Lecture 8:Security Groups in EC2
  • Lecture 9:How to Add and Modify Files on EC2 Server.
  • Lecture 10:Configuring Bitnami Server for Django
  • Lecture 11:Installing Apache HTTP WebServer
  • Lecture 12:OverView of Apache WebServer Part_1
  • Lecture 13:OverView of Apache WebServer Part_2
  • Lecture 14:Our First WebPage
  • Lecture 15:Connecting Domain With Remote Server
  • Lecture 16:Replacing HTML with Full TO DO APP.
  • Lecture 17:Transferring Files Using File ZIlla
  • Lecture 18:Adding SSL Certificate
  • Lecture 19:Adding SSL Certificate Part_2.
  • Lecture 20:How to Connect MySQL workbench with EC2 Server
  • Lecture 21:Summarizing All Steps In This Video.

This course will walk you through Amazon’s Web Services, with a focus on Basics concepts a We’ll start with the very basics of launching EC2, discussing different ways to connect to your system while keeping it secure, we’ll progress to fine tuning your system with fast and efficient content delivery, and finally we’ll dive into all the ways that you can scale your system on this incredibly elastic platform.

What this course is not:

  1. This course is not DevOps Course,
  2. This course is not for Advanced users or even intermediate
  3. This course does not explore Amazon entire eco system See the content for more
  4. Every single question that is raised in the discussion panel is responded to, but this may not be the best resource to diagnose your server issues. Keep in mind that Amazon offers all kinds of support that is available 24×7.

This course will open a new horizon for you to explore the Power of Amazon AWS as a new developer. So what are you waiting for, you will have 30 days money back guarantee , so you can never go wrong with this course.

Who this course is for:
  • Web Developers
  • Sys Admins who want to get Flavor of Amazon AWS
  • Dev Ops What to explore AWS and its option
  • Django Developers
  • Student who want to explore AWS EC2