Copywriting Quick Start: Top FREE Writing Tools & Hacks

internet marketing
internet marketing
Boost your copywriting skills and become a better writer with the internet’s best free writing tools and hacks.


  • Taught by a professional writer, blogger, & Huffington Post Contributor
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Want to start a blog? Break into the copywriting world? Create content for a website or online business?

Writing is an essential skill that often requires years to master.

But simply working harder isn’t the answer. To get ahead, you need to work SMARTER.

That’s where this free course comes in. As a professional copywriter and freelance writer, I’ve spent the past several years utilizing all types of writing tools and stumbling across all kinds of writing hacks that I now use on a regular basis. And now I want to share them with YOU.

These tools and hacks will help you…

  • Brainstorm better ideas
  • Discover effective keywords
  • Write more persuasive marketing copy
  • Create killer headlines