Mobile App Business #1: Niche Research

Mobile App Business free course
Mobile App Business free course

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How to find an ultra-targeted profitable niche with people craving to pay for your mobile app.

This course is the 1st part of a 6 course bundle about market research for your mobile app business. You think market research is not important or even don’t worth to spend your time? We are assure you that is the most important step from all others for be successful appreneur.

Marketplace keywords optimisation, marketing tricks, mobile development is not such important as market research before you did anything… Probably you start guessing why… Because when you did something (developed an app, for example) then you are just starting to search a way to make it profitable, not before… And you know what? You have a lot of chances to fail, because you have limited by yourself with your developed product… Even if you survive, it just SURVIVING, not THRIVE

So before you do something, you need to research: are there in marketplace potential demand for your app, are there strong competition or maybe there are a good profitable business opportunities with high demand and low competition. Get known how much time you estimately get after launch an app, how costly will be to produce your app and so on… All this is covered in 6 courses that we called Market Research Formula, and you read an annotation for the first one…