Swift 4, Xcode 9: User Registration Flow and iOS Keychain

IOS development
IOS development

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Learn to Build User Sign Up, User Sign In, User Sign Out Functionality with Swift 4 and Xcode 9


With this set of step by step Swift video lessons you will learn one of the most common must to have functionality for your mobile application: User Registration, Sign In and Sign Out. To break it a little bit in more details you will learn:

  • Create user interface for Sign Up, Sign In and protected page,
  • Collect data from UITextFields and make use of them,
  • Validate UITextFields for empty values and compare Strings,
  • Create UIButton(s) in Swift and learn how to handle button events,
  • Convert NSDictionary into JSON in Swift and convert data received from server side from JSON to NSDictionary,
  • Send HTTP Get and HTTP Post request in Swift
  • Learn to add Headers to HTTP Request and include JSON payload into HTTP Request Body,
  • Display Alert messages,
  • Display spinning activity indicator letting the user know they need to wait a little white mobile application is communicating with a remote server,
  • How to store sensitive data into iOS Keychain, how to read from iOS Keychain and how to remove data from iOS Keychain,
  • How to implement token-based authentication for your Swift mobile application communicating with RESTful Web Services built in Java.