Using Customer Experience to Grow Your Business


How Delivering a Superior Customer Experience Can Increase Revenue & Business Growth

Internet marketing free course
Internet marketing free course

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In this course, you’ll see – both through recent research and business examples – how delivering a superior customer experience can help you increase your revenue and grow your business.

This would be a great course for you if:

  • You are a current business owner – whether you have an ecommerce, brick and mortar or service business– who is actively seeking ways to improve your customers’ experience
  • You do not believe that providing a superior customer experience can directly benefit your business in terms of higher revenue and greater business growth.
  • You aren’t sure of the difference between customer service and customer experience
  • You are constantly lowering prices or offering discounts to attract and retain customers and are looking for ways to differentiate your business beyond competing on price
  • You are spending excessive time and money troubleshooting with reactive customer service

Course sections include:

  • Understanding Customer Experience
  • The Customer Journey
  • Customer Behavior
  • Making an Impact Through Customer Experience
  • Soliciting Feedback
  • Best Practices in Responding to Reviews
  • Further Improving Your Value to Customers
Who is the target audience?
  • Current business owners (ecommerce, brick and mortar, service) actively seeking ways to improve their customers’ experience
  • Prospective business owners who want to know how they should prepare to offer a superior customer experience
  • Anyone interested in learning what “customer experience” is and how it can be impacted