WordPress Rest API and Ionic 3 CRUD

Wordpress development
WordPress development

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Create a simple Create, Read, Update Delete (CRUD) mobile application using WordPress and Ionic 3

In this course we’ll go through the following topics,

  • Set up the WordPress on our local machine and install the JWT Authentication plugin.
  • Walk through Wordpress REST API using Postman
  • Creating custom post type in WordPress using pods framework and expose its Rest endpoints
  • Setup Ionic framework to use with our WordPress Rest API
  • Lazy loading Ionic pages
  • Showing Quotes from the WordPress Rest API custom endpoint and add details page
  • Authenticate a user using the WordPress Rest API and store the token in the Local Storage
  • Redirect the user if the token is available and create new Quote as the logged in user
  • Updating and Deleting the specific quote using the Rest API with Postman client